Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group requires each guest to wear their finest upscale, all-black attire. The attire should be (or lean towards) formal. Your outfit should be ALL-BLACK with the exception of accessories. Accessories include shoes, ties, belts. socks, scarves. No jeans or athletic attire will be permitted. Please reference our photo gallery for examples of what Nxlevel expects from attendees. 

 REMEMBER: Even if you purchase a ticket — if you do not meet the event dress code, you will not be permitted access to the event. Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group reserves the right to deny entry to the event, without refund, if it is determined a guest does not adhere to the dress code. 


See the FAQ Section at the bottom of the page for all details (prior to purchase).


By continuing with ticket purchase, you consent to the Nxlevel ticket policy which states that all online and in person transactions are final and non-refundable. You must be of the appropriate age for this event and have valid ID with you to present for verification. You must meet the attire guidelines for this event and entry to the event is soley based on the discretion of Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group and it’s affilate venue partners. Tickets cannot be resold or redistributed under any circumstances.




Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group, LLC. events are non-refundable. 

Online Ticket Purchase

Event Tickets and Tables can be purchased through this website.

Valid ID (see below) is required in order to validate ticket purchase. Therefore, it is advised that purchasers enter the First and Last names of each attendee.


John Doe wants to buy tickets for himself and 2 friends. John will purchase 3 tickets and enter the individual names. Then pay for all 3 tickets.

Ticket #1: John Doe

Ticket #2: Chanel Jones

Ticket #3: Brad Smith

This insures that each person, regardless of whether they arrive together, can be validated via ID at check-in. We strongly advise that each person arrive together.

Online tickets cannot be transferred/gifted because they have your name on it. No refunds will be processed.

Online tickets cannot be resold because they have your name on it. No refunds will be processed.

Online tickets can not be exchanged for another event.

Online tickets cannot be lost because they are digital. There is no need to print out confirmation on paper because ID is the means by which ticket purchase is validated.

Be sure to take time to spell your name exactly as it appears on your valid ID. Do not use nicknames.

Download the Eventbrite App from the iTunes App Stor or Google Play Store.

Physical Ticket Purchase

Limited physical tickets may be available for purchase from official Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group, LLC collegiate members.

These tickets, once purchased, are the attendees responsibility.

There are no refunds. All sales are final at time of purchase.

Attendees must have valid ID, meet event attire requirements, and have their ticket with them for event access.

Tickets cannot be subsituted for other events.

Event Lines

Lines for access to events are necessary for age verification, security checks for safety, and event ticket validation. This process takes time. Each attendee can help shorten the time in this process by planning ahead and being alert/aware throughout the check-in process.

KEEP YOUR ID OUT until you have been checked in and your tickets have been verified. You will show your ID to security and show your ID again to verify your online ticket purchase. Keeping your ID in-hand the entire time helps expedite the process.

Do not attempt to skip the line or congregate at the front entrance.

Do not congregate or stand in public streets. Remain on the sidewalk at all times and make room for other pedestrians while waiting for event entry.

Do not stand in front of or block access to other venues.

Event Parking

Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group, LLC. does not facilitate parking for its events. We recommend ridesharing. If you choose to drive, we recommend arriving to events early to find parking within reasonable walking distance.

Event Attire

The attire requirement is upscale, all-black (semi-formal to forma). No athletic attire or jeans will be permitted. Accessories can be any color of your choosing — including shoes, belts, ties, socks, and scarves.

Required ID

An active, state-issued driver’s license or active military ID is required for access to all Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group events.

IDs are used to validate age and to validate RSVP or ticket purchase.

If you do not have the proper ID, you will not be granted access to the event and will not be refunded for your purchase.

Note: Student IDs are not acceptable forms of ID.


Security & Safety

Event security will perform security checks for each attendee to insure the safety of all guests. Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group along with venue security will determine if any attendee poses a threat to himself/herself or to other guests and reserves the right to deny accessto and/or remove any attendee from the venue without refund.

Lost/Stolen Items

Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group, LLC. and its partners are not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

If you misplace/lose an item at a venue, we advise that you contact that venue during business hours to ask about your item(s).

Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group does not collect lost items.

Photo/Video Release

Each attendee that RSVPs or purchases a ticket to an event consents that photos and videos may be taken in which they could be included. Those photos and videos are the property of Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group, LLC and can be used for future marketing purposes.